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Jean is a hero known as the Untranslateable.



Jean is a hard-working spy and counter-intelligence agent in the French version of the CIA (called the Cé Ah Eh), working to decode enemy signals, in an office where they get signals and messages from other nations, with a team that translate these. During one of these mission where they intercept messages, he uncovers a secret coming from the CIA, that they are secretly in league with the French, doing some despicable tracking of individuals, monitoring their phones at all times. Before he gives this to the government, he wonders if he should tell someone ; but before he can decide what to do, the Cé Ah Eh (who had suspicions that he’s been on the fence about working with them) sends a couple sneaky agents to interrogate him. They throw him in a room, and in the process, he fights back and falls into one of the translating machines, the huge electricity surge spikes and shocks him to his core, he is in a coma for three weeks. When he wakes up, he can no longer understand people around him, like they’re speaking a totally foreign language. He understands he is still in France, but they can’t understand him either. He learns over the course of the next few weeks that he is completely untranslateable, and everything he says can’t be understood, and people around him are speaking in a language only he can understand. He strikes out on his own and finds (by speaking this cypher on the internet) a group of three or four people who have had the same thing happen to them, and he founds with them a secret society working against the Cé Ah Eh and their nefarious plans, known as the Untranslatables, saboteurs in the French government.

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