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Johannes is a villain known as Tiny Vampire.



Johannes is a thief of fine goods and artefacts who one night sneaked into a pawn shop of ancient mystical items, and took a bunch of objects in a hurry, among which was a small ancient Central American finger puppet wearing a mask with sharp fangs. He sticked it on his thumb, and on the back of it spikes came out and dug deep into his thumb. He passed out, and when he woke up, the mask had fallen out of his finger, and now appeared to be enormous, about the size of a car. He realized his body has shrunk down to about six inches tall, and that the sunlight now burned his skin. He now felt a hankering for what some people would call blood, but others would confusingly call ectoplasm. He can control creatures of the night, for example to fly on the back of a bat. If he turns someone into a vampire, they also become a tiny vampire ; which was later retconned as he transformed people into regular vampires. Although he has bitten several humans, Tiny Vampires actually don't drink human blood : usually, they drink from cows and pigs.

Foster Flying Foxes Family

Being near open terrains and farms when he first becomes Tiny Vampire, he is able to satiate his desire for blood very quickly. Unable to find a castle to choose as his lair, he finally finds a big cave with what looks like other Tiny Vampires hanging from the ceiling. He climbs up next to them and falls asleep, but when he wakes up at night, he realizes that the things around him are actually flying foxes. They take him in as one of their own, and he is raised by this fruit bat community, who help him get his feet under him. Eventually he realizes he’s meant for more, as his cravings extend, and he leaves to become the Tiny Vampire he was always meant to be ; but he’ll always have this bat community as those who raised him.

The search for Transylveinia

Going from town to town, Johannes can’t find anyone else of his kind. He goes on a quest to find out more and learn about himself, meeting various monsters, and reading the works of werewolves (notoriously very good historians). Throughout his research, he keeps finding the name Transylveinia, which is a mysterious vein rumored to be the home of the Tiny Vampires. He scours veins across America, trying to find his home.


Silver Cerebellum

During a high school football game, Silver Cerebellum is attacked by players with vampire bites, and is himself bitten by a Tiny Vampire, who appear to have been a very common problem in the area for years.

Clam lady

A Tiny Vampire, possibly Johannes himself, attacks a woman wearing a clam necklace in Assault Alley while she is with her husband and son. Silver Cerebellum arrives to help, but he is too late and has to fight the woman, who is now a vampire.

Elouvie Leblanc du Sang

Tiny Vampire bit Elouvie Leblanc du Sang in Paris, before she was also bit by a werewolf, as well as died and became a ghost.

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