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Dan is a villain known as the Terrible Toffiend. One of his hands has the properties of sugar, while the other one has the properties of butter. When he smashes them together, it forms an incredibly dense hard candy, which he uses to smash into banks and other places to commit nefarious deeds.



Dan had an interest in the occult even before becoming the Terrible Toffiend. One day, he found a dusty old tome in the back of little bookstore, called the Neconomicon. It looked to be about an obscure branch of dark Candy Magic, the candy art of Necomancy. After reading through the whole book, he decided to cast a spell through a ritual to summon a Cocoademon. He got everything ready in his basement, writing a Candy Pentagram with some granulated sugar on the floor, and gathering the three components necessary for any good candy summoning : a Baphomint, a piece of Beezlebubble gum, and an Everlasting Goblin-stopper. He got them all together, and began casting the ritual ; and in dark caramel waves started appearing a shadowy figure. His cat then walked across the Candy Pentagram, messing up the lines of sugar, and allowing the Cocoademon to lash out, transforming Dan into a Terrible Toffiend, a demonic figure of butter and sugar.

Carnival attack[]

At some point, the Terrible Toffiend is seen attacking a local carnival, where he is stopped by Madam Butterfly's powers causing a chain of event, including an idiot buffoon on stilts stepping on a milk bottle.

Encounter with the Silver Cerebellum and death at the hands of Little Lord Fauntleroy[]

While in the middle of a sugary sweet ritual to create some Rock-candy Golems in a warehouse down by the docks, Dan is attacked by Silver Cerebellum. The Terrible Toffiend gets the upper hand by forming a giant blade of toffee, and cuts one of the Cerebellum's arms off. Later, when the Cerebellum wakes up after having passed out from the blood loss, Dan is seen being devoured by Little Lord Fauntleroy ; while the Silver Cerebellum now has a bluish-purple-jagged crystalline rock-candy arm.


Hot Cake, who happens to be a janitor at the warehouse where the Terrible Toffiend was killed, finds all over the ground pieces of magic toffee vibrating around. He brings them home, and uses them to bake a half-angel food, half-devil's food cake. Out of the cake emerges a Terrible Toffiend reborn in cake form, now known as Terrible Toffiend 2.0, or Poundcake.