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Lalo Lacroze is a villain known as the Tailor. She is known worldwide for her multi-conglomerate fashion clothing line, but secretly crafts supervillain costumes ; seemingly just as a costume designer, but secretly furthering a secret plan. Her company is called Lacroze Enterprises.


Uvea's photograph[]

Lalo is seen in a dark room, inside of which are costumes for the Colossal Chick-Man, Colt McClure, the Silent Night, Overwhelm, and the Blue Flamingo. She is sketching something on a pad of paper, and goes to sit down at her desk. For a second, she stops and opens her drawer, pulling out a framed photograph of a younger-looking version of herself with another young woman. In the photo, Lalo is wearing her normal business gear, both professional and stylish ; and she is attaching some kind of traditional bright red superhero cape to the back of the other woman, who is goofily smiling at the camera. The picture is signed “To my love, Lalo. Signed Uvea.”. Looking at it, Lalo’s face softens and looks sad for a second, before she slams it back into the drawer and starts scribbling furiously, creating more costumes for heroes and villains all around the world.

Recruting Haban-hero[]

When Haban-hero is on the run after the Scovillain Heat Unit incident, the Tailor shows up at his motel door to recruit him, saying that she can protect him if he starts working for her. The door of the motel closes, and he brings her in to discuss the terms.

Capturing Long Dish-tance[]

The Tailor somehow traps Long Dish-tance in the dimension he uses to travel between restaurants, only letting him come out in a jail cell outside of which she is waiting with Haban-hero.

Future timeline[]

In a future timeline seen by Long Dish-tance, Lalo is in the middle of a devastated New York City with the Colossal Chick-Man's chickeny foot on top of her, saying "your reign of super-villainy is at an end !".

Lacroze Enterprises[]

Shell Co (but not the corporation) Corporation[]

Shell Co (but not the corporation) Corporation is a mining corporation, subsidiary of Lacroze Enterprises. It got permission to mine selectively in the Galapagos islands, "accidentally" putting in major quantities of explosives to blow up the islands and get the richer minerals underneath, despite the Blue Flamingo fighting against it to protect the precious wildlife of the islands.

Lacroze Research Institute for Communicable Diseases[]

The Lacroze Research Institute for Communicable Diseases is a ten-story building surrounded by chain-link fences with barbed wire. When the Blue Flamingo breaks into it to kidnap Fever Baby, he finds a long room full of empty beds, and scientists and doctors clinking glasses with patients in their hospital gowns.

Lacroze Fashion[]

Lacroze Fashion is the Tailor's fashion brand. Its number one model and spokesperson is Elouvie Leblanc du Sang.[] is a website that captures Overwhelm, and in which he finds the powers of the Source Code Supreme.