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Tyler is a villain known as the Synaptic Scoundrel.



Tyler is a physicist and a neuroscientist, as well as a wife guy. He’s stuck working at a backwater university, and can’t get any fundings or respect because he keeps working on controversial murky-morality experiments that the NIH won’t fund. He has big plans for an experiment and starts self-funding, to create an invention called the CPU : Cerebral Processing Unit. He lures undergraduates into his lab by promising them 10$ gift cards for Subway, straps them all up to a machine that creates a giant neurological circuit of their minds, links them all together as a single mind, and via an ansible, he uses the brains he hooks up to the machine as processing power to boost his own mind to hyperspeed. Creating an auxilary brain for himself, he goes and commits crime, robs banks, being able to keep an eye on every single person in the room, seeing things as if they’re moving in slow-motion. He calls himself the Synaptic Scoundrel.