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Jörg is a villain known as the Son of Son of God. He is from Louisiana, and believes himself to be the son of a god.



When he was about twelve, Jörg started feeling like he was a deity after having some dreams from stories such as God of War or the Thor movies, and thinking he was like the characters in these stories. As he got older, he didn’t want to go to school, founding it to pointless for a god. At the age of eighteen to twenty years old, he was so certain of his godhood that he started developing a low-level cult of followers plagued by bad communication. When they managed to get together, they would discuss which pantheon Jörg might be the god of ; but Jörg himself believed he was the son of Odin. However, though Jörg was right about being the son of a god, he was right about the god’s identity. Jörg is considered a villain as his cult tends to take change out of hats at churches, move the books around in libraries, and chop down trees in people’s houses to lay them down in the neighbor's driveway. Following Jörg’s manuscripts about his own religion, they are trying to bring about the apocalypse.

Encounter with his mother[]

Jörg is taking a walk through the woods when he comes across a very sexy deer. The deer addresses him as “son”, and explains to him that she is his mother, and that he has not one father, but many, who are all gods. She compares him to the comic superhero Shazam, as he is Bafam ; his five fathers being Balder (from which he gets his heroism and bravery), Attis (Greek god of vegetation, from which he gets the ability to grow vegetation by spilling his blood), Fujin (Japanese god of wind, from which he gets big windy lung powers), Anubis (Egyptian god of death, from which he gets his sneaky cunning side, as well as being good at killing people), and Mictlantecuhtli (Aztec god of death and cannibalism, from which he might get a hunger for people).

Jörg vs the Gods[]

Having hoarded all the toilet paper in their region, Jörg’s followers are TPing houses every night, getting meaner and meaner. During one of their late-night strikes, some lightning strikes down in the street around them. A raving pack of teen cannibals (visible by the limbs in their mouth) comes running to Jörg and his pranksters, eating all of them, except Jörg who escapes. Having lost all his followers, he recognizes this must be the work of Mictlantecuhtli. He sets up candles in the shape of a dick and summons a demonic private eye, and asks him who is after him and why they’re doing this. After some time, the demonic private eye comes back saying that the gods are after him, forming a coalition, thinking he’s leeching off their powers and followers.