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Eric is a hero known as the Silver Cerebellum.



Eric was a high school football running back, who one night had a game against a rival team (whose members, the hated rivals of Eric's team, were rumored to like to pee on their hands before playing). As they’re playing, the game goes pretty well, but Eric notices two tiny little puncture marks on a few of the adversaries’ necks. At one point, he gets tackled so hard that his brain rattles in his skull, and he gets a concussion. He is brought to the hospital, and told that his football carrier is over, and that he is in urgent neef of surgery at a hospital close to his rival high school. After the surgery, he sees that he also has two tiny puncture marks on his arm. The doctor explains that he not only got a concussion, but was also bitten by a Tiny Vampire, which has been a very common problem in the area for years. He reveals he is not actually a doctor, but part of a monster-hunting society ; and that during the surgery, they encased in silver half of his brain so that he would help them to fight monsters, which he accepts to do. Because of the silver covering the right half of his brain, his practicality and mathematics are suppressed while his emotions are enhanced.

Encounter with the Terrible Toffiend and Little Lord Fauntleroy

Silver Cerebellum is following for a case some supernatural activity happening in a warehouse down by the docks. He breaks into it, and finds there a sugary sweet ritual happening, the Terrible Toffiend creating Rock-candy Golems. He bursts in and they fight, but the Terrible Toffiend gets the upper hand, forming a giant blade of toffee. The last thing Silver Cerebellum remembers before blacking out is Terrible Toffiend cutting one of his arms off, before passing out from the blood loss. Few minutes later he wakes up, his vision blurred, and falls into one of the candy pentagrams. He hears a crunching, munching, lip-smacking sound, and sees Little Lord Fauntleroy asking him if he is okay, while devouring the Terrible Toffiend. Silver Cerebellum runs off and realizes he now has a bluish-purple-jagged crystalline rock-candy arm.

Assault Alley

Eric is now on the hunt for the Tiny Vampire, the creature he thinks who started it all. Questioning people in bars, he finally gets clues that lead him to a street called Assault Alley,  well-known amongst criminal organizations. He goes there several nights in a row, witnesses several muggings and assaults, but no sign of Tiny Vampire. One night, he is hiding behind a garbage can, and he sees two parents and their son about seven or eight years old, looking very wealthy. The woman starts screaming all of a sudden, pulling at her neck. She is wearing a necklace made entirely of clams. As if in slow-motion, all the clams break apart and fall on the ground. Silver Cerebellum thinks this looks like a Tiny Vampire attack, and come running asking if they are okay. The man and his son ask for his help, but the woman turns with a dark look in her eyes : she has been possessed, with a little puncture in her neck. She begins fighting with the Silver Cerebellum, and when she is on the ground with him on top of her trying to subdue her, she grabs a clam and body-clams him right in the chest, lodging it there in his left pectoral. The little boy finds a bat by the garbage, and hits Eric on the back of the head with it. He collapses, and when he wakes up he is naked in Assault Alley, his rock-candy arm slobbered nearly to death.

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