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Slevin is a villain known as Sequence Jones.



When Slevin was about fourteen years old, he realized that when he was sitting in class wanting to remember the answers to a test, he would sometimes get lucky and find the answer to twenty questions in a row, and then forget them again. These experiences happened to him again and again, of feeling like he could do anything in certain moments, such as being amazing at tryouts for sport teams without practicing. When he reaches his early twenties, he is a dropout, not getting anything done, living with his parents ; he thinks the system is messed up and broken, and he is trying to figure out how he got so lucky at certain moments in his life. He starts out throwing darts, and manages to cyclically throw bullseyes. Looking at the clock, he realises that every time there’s certain sequences of numbers in a row, he can hit a bullseye ; but only when these numbers are aligned. At certain time intervals, he can do almost anything ; but it only lasts for about a minute. He starts planning out heists, and the first thing he does is go to a casino and gamble, knowing that if he rolls the dice at the right moment, he’ll get it every time. He’s winning a lot of money, and is running a casino by his late thirties, as well as a low-level criminal enterprise. Furthermore, the numbers change every day, so he needs to spend about an hour to figure out every day what is the right sequence of numbers that is going to give him his luck.