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Keith is a hero known as Screenshot. She possesses an electronic tablet that allows her to bring to life anything she draws on it, although she doesn't have any control upon her creations. Furthermore, what she creates comes out exactly as she drew it, even if her drawing isn't accurate to what she's trying to create.


First origin[]

Keith found her electronic tablet brand-new and unbranded in a mysterious pawn shop, where she bought it for $20. When she walked out and turned around, the pawn shop had disappeared.


Keith worked in social services, trying to help children. She was out walking after dark in an open field, gathering her thoughts and reflecting upon her parentage and her dissatisfaction with her life, such as her still living with her parents ; when from the sky crashed a giant red rectangular tablet-like ship with two white wheels on the top. She went to investigate it, and found a single green-blueish alien pilot with a rectangle head and two white dials on his chin, from the planet Echelon. She asked him if he was okay, but couldn't understand his answer ; so she started shaking him to try to help, to which he kept saying in his alien language that he would be fine if she just left him alone. As she shaked him, the two dots on his face disappeared into a blank stare ; and Keith tried to get him out of the wreckage despite his wishes. The alien asked her if she had any diseases, and it just so happened that she had a common cold, a deadly disease for his species. Some pill shapes and a red cross took form on his face to show the danger, but she still could't understand. She heard a loud gasp and a scream, and saw that the alien had dropped dead. Looking around in the wreckage, there she found the tablet she would use as a superhero.