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Dustin is a hero known as Pro Libris.



Dustin was born with a genetic issue where one of their legs is slightly longer, giving them pain and making it harder to walk and practice traditional sports. They love reading, and when they learn that their high school is doing a field trip to a printing press museum, they are very excited, as they the history of books and writing. They go on the field trip, and sees printing presses from all over the world, and one of the weird ones they have is from Pripyat, the exclusionary zone of Tchernobyl, recovered from there, still a bit radioactive. They get dared by a friend to get close to it, and when they get to touch it, a security guard yells out, they stumble, their hand falls in it as a big chunk of machinery falls, like a printing press bit them on the hand. They go home that night feeling a little weird, reads one of their favorite fantasy novels, and fall asleep reading it, having a vivid dream where they are in a fantasy land, where they spend what feels like an entire day, getting into swordfight, riding with elves through the forest, getting a wound on their arm. They go to sleep in their dream, and wakes up only 5 minutes after having fallen asleep, their arm bleeding. They now have the power to enter into the world of books if they fall asleep reading them, and can only leave that world by falling asleep within it.