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'''Aaron''' is a hero known as '''Overwhelm.'''
'''Aaron''' is a villain known as '''Overwhelm.'''{{Character_infobox|real name=Aaron|alignment=Villain|enemies=[[Reflector]]|allies=|gender=Male (he/him)|aliases=}}
{{Character_infobox|real name=Aaron|alignment=Villain|enemies=[[Reflector]]|allies=|gender=Male (he/him)|aliases=}}
== History ==
== History ==

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Aaron is a villain known as Overwhelm.



Aaron is a student at the university when he answers a newsletter for a psychological study on campus. The lab is working on a machine able to transfer emotions from one brain to another, in order to work on therapy techniques or empathy training. Aaron and another student, Curt, are placed on each side of a wall, not knowing who the other one is. The machine is supposed to transfer Curt’s emotions into Aaron, but something goes awry in the laboratory and the machine starts beeping and shuddering. They both get nervous, but still think that the scientists know what’s happening. The scientists do not know what’s happening, and the machine explodes, pushing backwards the both of them. They are rushed out of the lab separately, after the scientists made sure that they were okay, and having apologized and asked them to not tell anyone what happened. However, something is wrong with them. Aaron feels flooded with emotions (sad, angry, excited all in equal measures), and soon realizes that he can unleash these emotions upon others, and starts using his new power for villainous ends, with the supervillain name Overwhelm.

Falling in love with Kristin McMoney McNicholson

Overwhelm starts committing crime with the help of his powers, and the Reflector often tries to stop him, resulting in Overwhelm being punched in the jaw. Overwhelm typically ends up escaping by laughing very loudly, which the Reflector can’t do. Later, Aaron, who was robbing a bank, is stopped by Curt, with the help of a very pretty young bank teller who tells him Overwhelm is hiding behind the counter. After the fight, Overwhelm escapes, and both Aaron and Curt decide they are in love with the bank teller, named Kristin McMoney McNicholson. Kristin chooses Overwhelm over the Reflector, who then decides to take a vow of celibacy, shouting it out loud every time he stops a crime, saying “That’s it, evil-doer ! Also I’m celibate !” before leaving. On the other hand, Overwhelm has never been happier (as well as sadder or angrier or guiltier). Curt can’t stand seeing him so happy, and secretly uses his powers to infuse jealousy into Kristin, who starts taking out her anger on Overwhelm. From that point on, Aaron goes from petty villain to global-level villain, getting in touch with the Tailor for a new supervillain costume.

The Scovillain Heat Unit incident

After the former villain Haban-hero opens up his chili restaurant, the Scovillain Heat Unit ; Overwhelm shows up, and from a distance sitting in a corner booth, he slowly pushes the emotions of Haban-hero and rekindles the fires of villainy, lust for violence, and spicy assassination in him. This causes him to go back to his kitchen and put the forbidden Carolina Reapers into the chili, before serving it to the entire restaurant. Overwhelm walks out of the restaurant full of dead patreons, with Haban-hero not understanding what happened.