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Ollie Fortune is a villain and small-time crook. He’s an idiot, but his plans always work out.



Ollie Fortune is a down on his luck, small-time crook, with a very big idea of how good of a criminal he is. He has enormous complicated endeavors for robbing banks and stealing stuff, idiotic foolish plans that somehow always kind of work out for him, like dumb luck. For example, he once goes to a bank, after having ordered 5000 ladybugs on Amazon, planning to unleash them while screaming "unleash the ladybugs !" ; but he just takes his sack and wings it toward the teller, from which a mass of ladybugs start spilling on his desk. Seeing that it didn’t work, he pulls out his gun and asks for money. The Colossal Chick-Man bursts through the door, and starts gobbling up ladybugs. Ollie steals 300 dollars from the drawer and gets off scott-clean. He thinks this worked great, and decides to bring mealworms to a natural history museum. This time, the guard points his gun at Ollie, but Gravian is in another wing of the museum trying to steal prehistoric bird fossils, and her birds fly off to go eat the mealworms. A flurry of dead birds are flying everywhere, and Gravian gets arrested while Ollie Fortune gets away with priceless works of art.