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Steven is a former villain turned hero known as the Neigh Sayer, known for fighting against people who exploit and hurt horses.



While vacationing on the coast of Virginia, Steven was caught in a storm and his boat capsized. He washed up on a third hidden island beyond Chincoteague and Assateague, populated only by horses. He was stuck surviving on this island for many years, and developed a strong affinity for horses, controlling them and communicating with them. When he finally came back to the mainland, he decided to use these new abilities to go on a crime spree, taking on the name of the Neigh Sayer.

Encounter with Colt McClure

While on a horse heist in Montana, Steven is halted by the hero of the plains, Colt McClure. He immediately doesn’t likes her, as she violently mistreats her horses, pushing them to their deaths for the sake of horse racing.

Incarceration and formation of the Horsemen

The Neigh Sayer is caught attempting to destroy the Kentucky Derby Stadium during a big race by Colt McClure, who punches him in the nose and sends him in prison, where he is called mean names such as “Horse Face” by his prison mates. A group of henchmen, called the Horsemen, starts uniting and growing around him, formed of people who think Steven shouldn’t be imprisoned for fighting against the Kentucky Derby. One woman specifically, known as the Clerkiette, works on the inside with some of the warden, bribing them thanks to her job that allows her enough money to do this. The Horsemen have a network of stables across the globe. Fifteen of them ride their horses up to the prison gates in the cover of the night ; nobody would expect a horse getaway in this day and age, so it’s pretty effective. The Neigh Sayer is able to corsage straight up over the prison walls, landing on a horse and riding off into the night with his Horsemen, planning to take down Colt McClure.

Project Popovich

Steven decides he’s living in the past too much is too low-tech, especially to fight Colt McClure who has been upping her attacks on wild horse herds,taming and selling them to farms. He goes to the Backup General-Later, who creates for him a spur for cowboy boots (called Project Popovich) which cuts into the eel of people who wear it and infects them with a nanovirus. That virus will morph their body and will to become a horse-human hybrid with stretched out limbs, an elongated back, a bushy tail, and long nose. Steven scopes out Colt McClure’s hidden base and has the Backup General-Later’s popcorn kernels sneak in and replace all the spurs on all the cowboy boots while her henchmen are sleeping. The next day, the Neigh Sayer is hanging out in the fields with his favorite herd of wild horses when Colt McClure’s whole posse comes up to wrangle and spook the horses, offering them fake sugar cubes that really are icy snow. Steven presses the button on his activation remote, and suddenly, the half a dozen men start screaming and turning into horrifying horse-creatures. Colt McClure comes riding up, unaffected because she never takes off her boots even to sleep or to bathe. She rides up just as the Neigh Sayer mounts the back of her number one lieutenant, looking at her right in the eyes and saying "save a horse, ride a cowboy !" before digging in his eels and riding off into the sunset.

Formation of the Barnyard

Neigh Sayer, thinking that it’s never really made sense that he is a villain as he only saves horses, decides to fully embrace becoming a hero and signs up with the newly-formed Barnyard. He rescues the Colossal Chick-Man from a losing battle against Gravian and a giant dead chicken, and takes him to Farmer John and Pigman ; leading to Chick-Man joining the team as well.

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