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Mormegil is a hero and the Ultimate version of Ricky Spencer.



Before the world began, there was naught but primordial black, an ebony flow of swirling void. Until, cacophony, violence, kablooey. There was light, and there was sound. And in the middle, there was… a liquid sword. Eons later, this liquid sword was at the heart of an underwater civilization called Manlantis, a city of very very strong fishy men, their king known as the Mormegil. When Manlantis is threatened by feminine wiles, underwater sea creatures, sharks, vegan recipes, Mormegil turns to the center of the civilization and grabs the liquid sword that was formed in the heart of creation, and rushes out into the water to fight the threat, and swings the liquid sword. However, as it is made of water, it just dribbles away, but he can still try hitting people with the handle, which is made of metal. Mormegil lives in the underwater times, which come before the overwater times.

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