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Julie is a hero known as Madam Butterfly.



Julie is very observant and detail-oriented person, which distracts her often ; she has the ability to see everything happening around her. Once, she is walking alone at a local carnival, eating a candy apple, when the Terrible Toffiend attacks, summoning a cotton-candy demon. Julie’s senses kick into overdrive, and she picks up some baseballs, throwing them at milk bottles so that one of them flies off through the crowd, and is then kicked by someone, before an idiot buffoon on stilts steps on it, falling over on a snake inclosure. The mice used to feed the snakes escape, scaring an elephant that rears up terrified, falling backward on the dunk tank that falls over on the cotton-candy demon, vanquising the Terrible Toffiend. Julie realizes she has the ability to foresee chains of events, and she decides to use this power as a hero, called Madam Butterfly.

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