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Nate is a super-powered social media influencer known as Long Dish-tance.



Nate is a very famous up and coming social media influencer, traveling from locale to locale paid by brands and advertisers to take photographs and advertise their locations, products and restaurants. He leads a luxurious life, in decadence. He takes selfies with his food, which he calls ‘’Food Play’’, being really good at organizing his food. He starts getting a little tingle in his face each time he takes a selfie, and one night when he’s out with seventeen people, he takes a photo, and the camera waves combined with his carbon, his essence, and a particularly tasty curry dish cause an explosion, in which Nate disappears, zipping in a tunnel. He goes from Milan to Versailles, and when he takes a selfie again, it takes him to Los Angeles. He now has the power to travel specifically from restaurant plate to restaurant plate. By thinking about a specific city or restaurant he’s been to, he can will himself to travel there. His first thought is that this is perfect for his fetish of stealing people’s cutlery while they’re eating. He is getting a reputation, now known as Long Dish-tance. If he transfers to a plate where someone is drinking a gin and tonic, the gintonic plates in the atmosphere create a little quake within him.

Trapped by the Tailor

Long Dish-tance is now committing restaurant crimes, stealing silver finery. He can only travel through a specific type of porcelain, usually in very fancy restaurants. While he is zapping between places, he goes into alternate dimension, following long threads, tasting them to know where he is going. Planning to zap to a plate in a fancy restaurant in New York, he gets close to it, but tastes poisoned hot sauce. He veers away from it, goes toward a plate in an Los Angeles restaurant that he knows : but poisoned hot sauce again. Every portal and plate out, there is poisonous hot sauce. He finally finds one plate that is free of poison, but he emerges in a jail cell with the Tailor and Haban-hero standing outside.

Travelling through time

While in prison, Nate is never served the plates he needs, just the occasional dry loaf of bread in his cell. He strikes up a relationship with the prisoner next door through mysterious scratchings and talking through holes in the wall, and eventually, they’re able to figure out a plot where the strange prisoner next door can slide their dinner plate over to Long Dish-tance down the hall, who grabs it, looks into it, but realizes none of the restaurants are open because of the COVID-19 pandemic. He jumps into the plate and pops up in what appears to be a very small cottage, where an old man and his slightly older wife are eating dinner. He runs out into the forest, and runs into knights in shining armor walking down a trail, laughing at a person covered in green paint. He walks up to them and asks them what is going on, to which the Laughing Knight responds "wait, you look like you’re wearing clothes from somewhere else… come with us !". They throw him in a new prison in a castle, and he realizes he has gone back in time in the medieval era. The plates here aren’t working because there aren’t many established restaurants in this medieval era, but eventually he’s able to muster up the strength and launch into a plate, appearing back in an empty restaurant in the middle of New York City, where he can only see carnage and destruction. He steps outside, and sees a raging battle going on. He looks towards the center, where he sees a very strong man, the Colossal Chick-Man, standing with his chickeny foot on top of Lalo Lacroze. He looks down and says "your reign of super-villainy is at an end !", and then, Long Dish-tance trips, falls onto a plate lying on the ground, and winds up back into the prison cell where the Tailor trapped him initially, after having travelled through the past and the future.

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