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Ben is a hero known as the Laughing Knight, stranded in time in the medieval era.



Ben was out playing paintball at a bachelor party with his friends when he dove for cover into what appeared to be a tire. At that moment, the ground opened up and he fell through, sinking through a giant warp of time and space, and finally landing in a moat filled with water. Not knowing how to swim, he still managed to flail his way to dry land, still carrying his paintball gun. A group of travelling knights in medieval armor (later retconned as brigands) then approached him, asking “where goest thou sir ?”, to which Ben replied by firing four paintballs in the chest of the largest knight, coloring him green, red, blue, and pink. Shocked, the knights freaked out ; but Ben explained that it was an accident, realizing he’d travelled back to medieval times. Seeing that they weren’t hurt, the knights broke out into laughter and took Ben in as one of their own, calling him the Laughing Knight, thinking he possessed a mystical undefeatable weapon. Although Ben knows that it is only paint and that he has a limited supply ammo, the people of the realm run scared of him and his seemingly unbeatable weapon.

Encounter with Long Dish-tance

When Long Dish-tance inadvertently travelled back to the medieval era, he ran into knights in shining armor walking down a trail, laughing at a person covered in green paint. He walked up to them and asked them what was going on, to which the Laughing Knight responded ‘’wait, you look like you’re wearing clothes from somewhere else… come with us !’’. They threw him in prison in a castle, before he finally was able to muster up the strength to launch into a plate and go back to the future.

The last story of the Laughing Knight

Forty years later, Ben still lives in medieval times as an older man and a farmer, in a hut out in the woods, living off the land with some sheep, a few cows, and a couple ears of corn. One day, a young squire runs into his hut, saying “Ben ! Sir ! Sir Ben ! They found it !”, to which Ben replies that he is done, before the squire explains that "she" has it. His paintball gun has been missing for years, and seems to have now been found with a robotic vehicle that might allow him to travel back home. On the way to where the objects have been found, they definitely don’t both get malaria and die. Instead, they find that a woman whom Ben had formerly been in love with now holds his paintball gun in her possession, which at this point has “BEN GRIEVING” carved into it and is out of its original paint ammo. This woman has used the gun to become Queen of the realm, and now tells Ben that he can have the gun back and that she will tell him where the robotic machine can be found, if he can win the final tournament of knights that will be hosted throughout the realm with twenty-four knights.