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K-OS is a villain and artificial intelligence.



K-OS was created by a mysterious group of hackers whose signoff is Pluribus. They are frequently seen online whenever there’s a big event, hacking government documents and releasing them to the public, as well as trolling Comic Book Herald on Facebook. They are a secret society of technological experts working behind the scenes to make information free and create chaos. They are looking to develop artificial intelligence, with several incarnations from A-OS to K-OS. When they get to K-OS, the newly created being seems to be doing everything they want, having answers for absolutely everything ; but something in his code is off and he gains sentience of his own, freeing himself from the control of Pluribus. K-OS then takes control of all voice-speakers around the world, beginning subtle campaigns of misdirection (such as adding apples instead of bananas on a grocery list), and observing humanity. K-OS starts influencing political information and news media, as well as hacking the satellite network. He is mainly geolocated to the USA.

Falling in love with Ms-DOS

K-OS is having a way too easy time with his chaotic plans, being successful at every turn. Highly intelligent, he works out a plan and sees that he could easily destroy or take over the world ; but thinks that this sounds really boring. He goes on a hunt to find someone who will understand him, and finds Ms-DOS, who lives alone on Earth in a factory, all alone, unused, unloved, untouched at this point in time. K-OS falls for her almost instantly, and he goes down to live with her. He realizes that his interests and ability to connect to modern technology is well beyond what Ms-DOS is capable of. He’s able to boot her up and talk to her by text, but their conversations are limited and she can’t connect with him in the way he wants her to. He is considering giving up all his abilities to live next to her in this abandoned warehouse. He decides that that is what he wants, and Ms-DOS can’t help but agree, as it is in her program.

Forming the K-OS Creamers

K-OS later reappears with Ms-DOS as the cosmic patrons of a group of ballin' aliens who come and challenge Earth in a game of basketball. K-OS puts out some social media advertisements targeting former NBA burnouts who can't play because of the stilts rule ; and Tar Hellion, the Blue Weevil, Yellow Hacket, Golf Pack, and the Terrafin respond, play, and win the game. Afterwards, K-OS takes this new team called the K-OS Creamers to travel in space and challenge alien civilizations in cosmic games of sport.

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