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Steven is a super-powered character known as the Journeyman.



About an hour before the DM unleashed hell on the Dungeons Con center, Steven is sitting at a table with Dave. Steven has been a bit down on his luck lately, not in education, employment, or training, having a hard time holding down a steady job. He’s at Dungeon Con just for a day to relax and play some games, get away from it all for a minute. But Dave who’s sitting across the table is irritating him, very clearly having a cold. At one point, Dave sneezes, and Steven can feel the sneeze landing on his face. The DM unleashes his monsters, Steven goes running from the auditorium with the rest of the crowd, gets out safely, and goes home. He later realizes that the sneeze infected him with a bit of good luck and wish fulfillment. He goes back to work as a gas station attendant the next day, and his efficiency is sky-high, he is somehow getting the pumps to pump gas twice as far as they normally do. But his boss is a jerk, so he quits. He gets another job, this time a data-entry job. He kills it, can type two hundred words per minute. Now, whatever job he has, he is incredible, outstanding, the best. He decides he’s going to become a security guard at a chain pharmacy, thinking he’s going to become like a supercop ; but it turns out he just gets poor people arrested for stealing medicine. He thinks to himself that it sucks, that he’s just protecting capital for the man, and quits that job. He gets a new job as a bank teller, but he’s just good at counting money, which doesn’t do anything. He has no education, but will be incredible at any job : and he thinks there’s a way for him to milk this, for something, someday.