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Andrew is a villain known as Jacque Split.



Andrew is a sleezy French baker from 1973 with a bad reputation, who ends up getting arrested for selling Italian meringue as French meringue, and sentenced to be executed. He is led to the guillotine in town’s square by the Undertaker (a teenager at the time) ; but as the Undertaker is about to execute him, lightning strikes the guillotine blade right before it severs Andrew’s head, a big flash blasting the crowd backwards as the platform explodes. Andrew has now become split into two different six-feet tall versions of himself, who run into each other in panic and confusion, fusing back into his original form. He now has the power to split into different versions of himself, but with his mass shared across all the split versions of himself. He uses his new power to steal other bakeries’ secrets, his villain name being Jacque Split.