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Dave is a hero known as the I-wish Man.



Dave is in Junior High when a friend of his sitting next to him makes a joke about their very cute teacher, saying they’d like to be smooching her. Dave says “I wish, man”, and after saying that, he wakes up planting a big wet smooch on the teacher under the mistletoe at a Christmas party, despite the fact that it was two weeks before Christmas when he was talking to his friend. He remembers nothing about how he got there ; he isn’t drinking, isn’t doing drugs, is super straight edge, and really loves Minor Threat. He tries to test out how he got here, talking to his friend, talking about the teacher, asking if maybe something happened, maybe the school put a curse on him because he was being a horny young teen. Again, one of his friends says “can it be summer yet ?” and Dave again says “I wish, man”, and it’s suddenly summer, three months later. This is only happening to him ; for everyone else, everything happens as it should. He starts using his power, and one time, his friend says “I’d like to marry her” about one of the girls in their high school, and Dave says “I wish, man”, and he is suddenly 35 years old, getting married, having lost 20 years of his life, with still the mind of a 15-years old : and he know decides that he has to use this power more carefully, and to do some good, as the I-wish Man.

Dungeon Con[]

At Dungeon Con 2020 (the only convention not cancelled that year, totally safe because this is Zack’s fantasy world), Dave (who has a cold and keeps sneezing everywhere) is sitting at a table to play a simple game of OnO version 2 with Steven when the DM attacks, invoking a wizard, a barbarian, and a rogue. Dave sees the chaos around him, and knows he has the power to stop this, but doesn’t know how much of his life might get sucked away. He finally decides he can’t just let people get hurt, and says "I need to stop this man. I wish man". Blackout, everything goes dark for him. When he flashes back into existence, the convention is now empty except for him and the DM who’s sitting next to him, sharing a couple of sodas. The DM is saying he was projecting on the designers of OnO, that it’s really about him and his fear of opening up ; that he just didn’t want to get rejected, but that he has to share what he loves with people. The I-wish Man responds that he will get there, and that it’s just going to take some work. They hug, there’s a little bit of tears, and they walk out. When Dave looks at his watch, he sees it's only been minutes.