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Jeff is a villain known as Hot Cake.


Resurrecting the Terrible Toffiend

Jeff is a janitor working at an old warehouse down by the docks, where every single one of his coworkers has a big crush on him, everyone thinks he's the number one eligible bachelor there. The main reason for this is that he brings them baked goods every day, and people are getting sexually aroused by how good his baked goods are. However, Jeff is really proud of his physique, but no one cares. He puts a lot of work into his appearance, but no one notices because they’re all too fixated on how good his baked goods are. One morning, he is sweeping up the warehouse, when he finds there the remains of some sort of ritual that seems to have been interrupted. All over the ground are little pieces of magic toffee vibrating around. He scoops some up, thinking it will perfect for his nighttime activities, and he puts them in a bag to take them home. When he bakes, he uses a mystical flower of power to bake creatures that he then has under his sway. Jeff uses the toffee in a new half angel food, half devil’s food cake, and when it comes out of the oven, the Terrible Toffiend emerges in cake form, resurrected at the hands of Hot Cake.