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Martin is a hero known as Heat Builder.



Martin has many graduate degrees : physics, material engineering, chemical engineering, all in the realm of chemistry and engineering, because he wants to be an astronaut, to do space research. All this hard work pays off and he gets a job with a space agency, to do a solo flight and be the first man to leave the Solar system. He is taking readings and doing observational studies of what the rest of the universe looks like (he took with him his tablet with Marvel Unlimited and lots of comics). In his second week, he notices something weird : three separate galaxies, pretty far removed, all blink out in the course of 24 hours : he does some napkin maths and realizes that the probability of these 3 separate stars all going supernova in that short of a time is totally improbable. He keeps going, goes to sleep, and wakes up with a blinding light in his eyes, burning so bright that he can’t even see his hands. It seems that he’s not even in the ship anymore, just surrounded with white light, and a voice starts speaking to him in his head, saying : "You have been chosen. There is a great entropy in the universe, the heat death of the universe.". He knows that it’s supposed to be unimaginably distant in time, but the voice says "no, something is happening that is speeding up entropy across the universe, we have 10 years". Martin is given powers to fight back against the entropy of the universe, the power of negentropy : he is able to break the law of thermodynamics and create energy, bonding molecules with new energy bonds. He says that he needs a superhero name and proposes "Negasonic Teenage Warhea-", but the voice says "no ! that’s already taken ! copyright issues, Martin !", so he decides to go by the name Heat Builder.