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Mike is an anti-hero known as Haban-hero.



Mike is a hired hand for some of the most notorious and hardened criminals, gangsters and mafias. He is hired to poison people by infiltrating places where his victims like to eat the most, finding their favorite food, getting a job there for weeks in advance and waiting until the opportune moment when they go to get some of it, making the food so hot and spicy that it makes them sweat and tear up, having to go to the bathroom, where the mob or mafia can kill them. However, he only takes gigs if the person is kind of evil, and if he is asked to kill a good person, he will strike at the person asking him to kill them.

The Scovillain Heat Unit[]

After going to jail for espionage charges, Mike gets out early for good behavior, with a good life ahead of him ; he became reformed in prison and decided he could use his spicy skills for good. He moves down to the American South-West and opens up a chili restaurant called the Scovillain Heat Unit, which starts taking off. He is leaning into his villain persona, sometimes wearing his costume out while he’s schmoozing with guests. He makes the hottest chili in the country. One day, Overwhelm shows up to his restaurant, and from a distance sitting in a corner booth, he slowly pushes the emotions of Haban-hero and rekindles the fires of villainy and lust for violence and spicy assassination. Mike goes back to his kitchen, and puts in the forbidden Carolina Reapers into the chili, before serving it to the entire restaurant. Overwhelm walks out of the restaurant full of dead patreons, with Haban-hero not understanding what happened.

Recruited by the Tailor[]

The Tailor later shows up at his motel door, recruiting him, saying she can protect him if he starts working for her. The door of the motel clothes, and he brings her in to discuss the terms. After this, he is seen with the Tailor when she emprisons Long Dish-tance.