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Braellyn is a villain known as Gravian.



Braellyn is a young woman passionate about the environment. She has always been really interested in birds, and used to go bird-watching and learn the names of all the different species when she was a kid (it really bothered her when she was a kid and she realized that female birds are drab while male birds are the pretty ones). She turned this into a vocation in bird-science, also known as ornithology ; advocating for bird habitats and fighting against deforestation and agro-business destroying songbird habitats and populations. She tries to get people involved, but it is hard to get people to sign her petitions, and she is a little bit timid even though she is very passionate about it. One day, she learns that a big agricultural business just clearcut without permit a forest that she was fighting to protect. Heartbroken, she decides that she has had enough and that she is going to get her revenge. She goes looking around for knowledge of the occult, and some way to get power and leverage over these people. She hears about a person doing spells down by the docks, and she hesitantly enters a warehouse where she only finds crumbs of toffee and signs of a struggle, as well as books  with which she learns necromancy, allowing her to bring back the dead birds wiped out, resurrecting them as clouts of skeletal birds to swarm down on construction people, putting up an aesthetic of a dark black garb covered in bird bones (as well as gravy ?), calling herself Gravian. Her theme song is "Grave Robin".

The museum heist[]

Gravian later tries to steal prehistoric bird fossils at a natural history museum, at the same time as Ollie Fortune tries to rob it. Her birds fly off to go eat Ollie's mealworms, and she gets arrested while Ollie gets away with priceless works of art.

Giant dead chicken[]

When Gravian tries to rob a bank, she has to battle the Colossal Chick-Man, who was eating at a Cluckies across the street. Using the bird bones in the restaurant's dumpster, she creates an enormous ten-foot tall chicken homunculus made of thousands of chicken bones to attack him. The giant dead chicken is about to win, when the Neigh Sayer comes in and rescues Chick-Man, the two of them fleeing on horseback.