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The Gaffing Knight is a villain stranded in time in the medieval era. He comes from the year 2020, in which he was a failed stand-up comedian, constantly booed off stage, using old tired off-color jokes, thinking if it's offensive it's funny, not landing with audiences. He made a time machine to get back to the 1970s, where he thinks his jokes are going to kill. He accidentally goes back to the Middle Ages, in which his jokes don't work either (for example, while working alongside peasants, he jokes "are these brutal working conditions in the field too tough for you ? seems like you need a serf-space !" or "I don't have to work in the field, I identify as a noble !"). Hearing about the Laughing Knight, he decides he wants his paintball gun for himself, as he understands the power that that paintball gun holds. He gets a small crew of idiot brigands to follow him, and is after the paintball gun under the name of the Gaffing Knight.

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