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Austin is a super-powered baby known as Fever Baby.



In an incubation chamber of the neonatal unit nursery, a nurse goes to do their rounds and realizes a baby is there that wasn’t before. This baby ends up in the last working orphanage of the United States, before it closes and he ends up in foster care, going from one family to the other ; though he is a very calm and sweet baby 99% of the time, he sometimes starts becoming uncontrollably angry and full of pain. People feel better and healthier when they’re around this baby, but his caretakers keep dying suddenly of sudden illness ; as the baby absorbs everything that hurts people around him, before building up to a critical mass and letting it all out into another person.

Kidnapped by the Blue Flamingo[]

Fever Baby is later seen at the Lacroze Research Institute for Communicable Diseases, where he is stolen by the Blue Flamingo. Later, his cries are heard by cleaning ladies when the Blue Flamingo is involved in the deaths of the CEOs of Chop & Burn and of Timber, Inc.