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Charlotte is a supernatural being known as Elouvie Leblanc du Sang.



In her late teens to early twenties, Charlotte is trying to get into fashion and modeling, and things are going okay but she is not cracking into it. One summer, she is spending time in Paris (she’s French so she lives in Paris, it’s not a big deal), and it’s a rough summer : she gets bit by Tiny Vampire. And as she is just starting to figure that out, she gets bit by a damn Werewolf in Paris. She is now a Vampire-Werewolf. Even worse, a month later, she gets hit by a car and dies ; but she comes back as a ghost, a Vampire-Werewolf-Ghost. As soon as this happens, Silver Cerebellum's ears are burning, wherever he is on Earth, he is very upset about whatever’s happening in Paris. Now, her modeling career takes off, she is the hottest property in Paris. Everyone knows she is a Vampire, a Werewolf, and a ghost. She becomes the number one model and the spokesperson for Lacroze Fashion, and becomes a worldwide sensation, known as Elouvie Leblanc Du Sang.