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Dan is a hero known as Doctor General.


Dream of the future

Dan wakes up in a worn dusty ancient bed. He looks down at his hands, which are not his hands : they are chiseled, weathered, ruined by nostalgia and time. He is in a room he has never seen before, and yet it’s very familiar. There is dust, grass, plants everywhere. He steps outside, and it is sunnier than he's ever seen. There’s grass everywhere, as far as the eyes can see ; and trees grown higher than he ever could’ve imagined. He begins to walk, and his feet ache. He finds his way to a tiny village, a cottage. There’s an industry inside, they’re manufacturing bottles full of seeds to grow the grass : plants, flowers, and human children. There is someone there ; they too appear old, and they say humans are gone and this is the world now ; it is green, everything is grass, everything is plants. Everything here is good. Dan leaves the room and walks back outside. He looks around, and there he finds his nemesis, Plucranium. He can't decide if he hates him or empathizes with him ; if he is a man, a beast, a tree... Suddenly, something snaps, as if the world was sucked into a straw, into a smoothie made of spinach, carrots, milk, a little protein, some chia seeds, maybe an orange slice. Dan finds his way back to the world. All of a sudden,i t’s the present day, and nothing’s wrong. Dan says to himself, that this future must not come to pass. He remembers who he is : he is this world’s hero, the leader of this world’s protectors ; he is Doctor General. and he has to save humanity.

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