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Jose is a villain known as the DM.



Jose is a friend of Curt, the Reflector. Curt is worried about him because he has become bitter lately, has seen Joker in theaters 5 or 6 times, thinks the movie gets what society is about, calls people NPCs, becomes alienated from society, lashing out at people. Curt has been friends with him since high school ; trying to get through to him, he proposes that they start playing tabletop roleplaying games together, a good sociable activity. Jose runs the game, and they use the Oubliettes and Ogres system, a new system, real hardcore gaming stuff. They play together in an OnO group, Jose runs the game, and they use the Oubliettes and Ogres system, a new system, real hardcore gaming stuff. Curt thinks to start using his Reflector powers to reflect out what’s left of humanity in Jose, but it doesn’t work ; he feels like his energy is being absorbed somewhere else, and he doesn’t understand what’s happening. What actually happened is that the Reflector’s powers of reflecting reality where inflicted on Jose’s Oubliettes and Ogres character sheet. For fun, Jose starts creating a new player character, a dark elf named Floradrangrl. As soon as he checks off the last stat box, the character sheet floats in the air and evaporates, and standing in front of him is a real rogue dark elf. He can now create fantasy characters with his character sheets, who then stand there like automatons, waiting to be controlled, by him giving them orders in the way he would talk in a RPG. If he gives an order, he then has to roll a d20, and the action depends on the dice’s result. He also realizes that in order to level up characters, he needs to make them kill weaker creatures, maybe by robbing banks, killing some NPCs. He starts going by the name of "The DM".

Dungeon Con[]

At Dungeon Con 2020 (the only convention not cancelled that year, totally safe because this is Zack’s fantasy world), Jose is posing as a guest DM, but actually here to take revenge on the creators of Oubliettes and Ogres, his favorite tabletop role-playing game. They just put out the second edition, and they ruined it ; whereas it used to be for hardcore gamers only, now, it’s for filthy casuals. He pulls out his character sheets while the convention is filling up, and a wizard, a barbarian, and a rogue burst in a flash of smoke, and start causing chaos in the room, the designers of Ogres and Oubliettes version 2 barely getting away from him. Sitting one table over is the I-wish Man, who is there just to play a simple game of OnO version 2, which he thinks has a lot of improvements. He says ‘’I need to stop this man. I wish, man’’ ; and when he flashes back into existence twenty minutes later, the convention is now empty except for him and the DM who’s sitting next to him, sharing a couple of sodas. The DM is saying he was projecting on the designers of OnO, that it’s really about him and his fear of opening up ; that he just didn’t want to get rejected, but that he has to share what he loves with people. The I-wish Man responds that he will get there, and that it’s just going to take some work. They hug, there’s a little bit of tears, and they walk out.