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Cecily is a hero known as Community.



Cecily has been home for a few months because of quarantine when she decides to go out to join the protests against injustice and police brutality. It starts out small, but she soon realizes that the more people she is around, the more she starts to feel energized. Unfortunately, the police starts overreacting and escalating. Cecily steps up, and before she even realizes it, her arm flashes out and she catches a tear gas canister before tossing it back. She is mystified, gets away from the crowd, and starts feeling weak and tired. Thinking it must have been the adrenaline, she gets back in the crowd, and starts feeling good again, full of energy and power. She realizes that the more people she’s around sharing a common cause, the more power, strength and increased reaction time she has. The cops are using rubber bullets on protesters, but they’re just bouncing off her like it’s nothing, she barely feels them. She’s out there every night, but when the movement starts losing steam and the crowds start getting smaller, her power levels decrease. She’s trying to foster a larger response to get people out there. She starts going by the name Community, keeping her identity secret.