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Peter is a hero known as the Colossal Chick-Man.



At around 12 to 14 years old, Peter goes out to get fried chicken for lunch near the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. He gets his order, but behind him walks up a radioactive fried chicken that bites him on the hand. He goes home later that day, and realizes that he can’t stop clocking and that he has superpowers, such as the proportional strength of chicken, the ability to eat any number of seeds, to try to fly, and to carry someone in the air over a short distance. He is very excited and starts showing off, trying to gain money out of these powers. He has the opportunity to stop a robber from stealing feed and escaping, but he doesn’t, saying to a police officer ‘’that's not my problem, I’m a Chick-Man !’’. When he gets home, he sees that his uncle Hen has been shot and killed, and he then vows to avenge him as the Colossal Chick-Man.

Relationship with Cornelia Contucka[]

Peter later meets a girl named Cornelia Contucka, the daughter of his employer, whom he has a contentious relationship with. They have a developing romance, which her father doesn’t approve of ; but Cornelia, who is very curious and considering a journalism career, discovers that Peter is the Colossal Chick-Man when they get into Peter’s car for a date and it strongly smells like chicken. Cornelia likes that Peter is this superhero, but because he hasn’t told her, she doesn’t reveal that she knows his secret identity, to avoid embarrassing him. She starts documenting his adventures, sneaking off to write what’s happening when Peter sneaks off to stop a crime. While dating him, she has developed a little novella of his career.

Encounter with the Silver Fox[]

One night, Peter leaves to go out on patrol on the rooftops when he hears a security alarm going off at a nearby jewelry store. The door on the rooftop bursts open, and out of it comes running a woman dressed in a skin-tight dark grey silver, wearing a mask covering her eyes, and with long flowing silver hair. She is about in her fifties, and has a crate full of Fabergé eggs, as well as a long bushy tail as part of her costume. He chases her across the rooftops, they have a bit of banter, and he realizes her name is the Silver Fox. They have a little tussle, she gets the better of him and pins him down, before leaving him with a little smooch on the cheek and knocking him unconscious.

Guy F. Harry's Fried Chicken Restaurant[]

One day, Chick-Man is out in his civilian guise with his girlfriend Cornelia Contucka, and they go check out a new fried chicken restaurant that just opened. Behind the counter, the owner of the restaurant, Guy F. Harry, who has a really cool goatee and spiky hair, says that they can get some fried chicken and pick any two sauces they like. They pick their chicken and sauces and go sit down. The manager comes and puts his chin on the counter and watches them as they’re eating, making them feel very uncomfortable. After barely a minute, he asks them if they like it, clearly desperate for approval. They’re being polite about it, but Peter finally snaps and says that no, it’s not good and the sauce is not tasty. Guy F. Harry’s face drops, he goes into the backroom and puts on a couple of squirt-guns and tubes going back to sauce containers on his back, runs outside, and begins spraying pedestrians with jalapeño sauce of his invention, and another one that is avocado mixed with too much cream cheese, which is sticky and messy. Chick-Man slips into his costume to beat up Guy F. Harry, who now hates him both in his civilian identity and his superhero identity. He throws one of his chick-buckets full of fried chicken at him, landing on the ground and not doing anything, but distracting Guy long enough to run up to him and punch him in the nose and take him down.

Eating Ollie Fortune's ladybugs[]

When Ollie Fortune tries to rob a bank with a sack of ladybugs, the Colossal Chick-Man bursts in and starts gobbling up his ladybugs, allowing Ollie to steal $300 and get out free.

Formation of the Barnyard[]

Peter is sitting at his favorite fried chicken joint Cluckies outside of a strip mall, when all of a sudden he hears the alarm bells go off from the bank across the street. He sees the door burst open, and flying out comes Gravian surrounded by a bunch of undead birds. They start fighting, but Gravian notices the Cluckies across the street and the dumpster full of bird bones. She creates out of the dumpster, an enormous ten-foot tall chicken homunculus made of thousands of chicken bones to attack him. Peter can’t keep up, it’s pecking him left and right, taking chunks out of him. All of a sudden he hears the sound of horse hooves, and he gets pulled onto horse back. The Neigh Sayer rushes him away from the scene, and Peter passes out. When he wakes up, they’re out of the city, in a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Stars are shining, he hasn’t seen the stars in forever, he can hear crickets chirping. He asks Neigh Sayer why he saved him even though he’s a villain, and Neigh Sayer responds that if he thinks about it, it’s never really made sense that he's a villain, as he only saves horses, he doesn't really know why he got labelled as such from the beginning. Peter sits up and asks where they’re going, and the Neigh Sayer says he’s taking him to meet a man. There’s a house with some lights on and a big barn at the end of the dirt road. They get off the horse and go into the barn, where a man in a wheelchair is waiting for them. The man, Farmer John, wheels forward into the light, reaches over to get his pitchfork, and steps it to the ground. He thanks him for coming, introduces himself and his husband Pigman, and explains that he has been thinking about putting together a superhero team called the Barnyard. He stands up out of the wheelchair, saying that it was just kying in the barn for a while. Neigh Sayer says he’s already signed up and that he thinks they can do a lot of good, and Chick-Man thinks about it, before saying he thinks the threats in the world are just getting so big, he has no choice but to join.

Future timeline[]

In a future timeline seen by Long Dish-tance, Peter is in the middle of a devastated New York City with his chickeny foot on top of Lalo Lacroze, saying "your reign of super-villainy is at an end !".