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Chris is a hero known as Captain Planarian.



Cris loses his job after getting caught eating a Snickers, that he had stolen from his job. He is walking down the beach by himself on a cloudy day, when he sees off in the distance something smashing into the water, and then crawling towards him. The object is six or seven feet long, and looks like an enormous gray/blackish flat worm. The worm tells Chris that he is the last remaining survivor of his species, and that he is dying, needing to “venom” into somebody, giving powers to his host. Chris accepts, and the worm crawls up and slurps his way down his throat. Chris now has a voyeur and horny worm called Jim in his body, giving him regenerative powers, like planarian worms. Chris decides to use his power for good, becoming the hero Captain Planarian.

Encounter with the Backup General-Later[]

Chris starts out beating up muggers, and one day he’s attempting to stop the Backup General-Later from robbing a tanning salon and stealing the tanning beds, to work on his base tan, and use as breeding grounds for his popcorn kernels. The Backup General-Later pulls out an electric whip and whips one of Chris' fingers clean off. Captain Planarian subdues and puts the villain in cuffs, but can’t find his finger (which evaporated). He leaves the scene of the crime, leaving his finger under one of the tanning beds, with a little bit of Jim in it. Over the next week, a whole new Captain Planarian grows out of it, confused and not knowing where he belongs, not knowing if he’s the real one, only knowing that he has a great tan.