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Ed (short for Edward) is a hero and the Boy Captain of a spaceship full of pirates known as the Knit-Wits.



Ed has a twin brother also named Ed, and their parents decided to raise them as one complete being. One night, their father came to their bedroom and whispered in the Boy-Captain’s ear : “I always thought you were the best Ed”. The other Ed, overhearing this, decided to become the Worst Ed. At ten years old, they emancipated themselves and went their own separate ways. Worst Ed would become the Captain of the Nitty-Gritty, the two Eds becoming rival space captains, always out to try to steal the best pearls.

Creation of the Knit-Wits

The Knit-Wits are a group of space-pirates who sail the starways to take from the rich and give to the poor. Ed became captain when he escaped a life of servitude on the planet Echelon where he was forced to knit with his group of pirates. The Knit-Wits are all adults, and none of them knows why Chris is actually captain, but they don’t question it, thinking there must be a good reason. There weapons are all knitted, such as knit-bombs, knit-swords and knit-blades of all kinds… which works well to make their adversaries sneeze.

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