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Kyle is a hero known as the Blue Flamingo.



Kyle is an ecologist working with the local animal wildlife on the Galapagos islands, where a huge mining corporation called Shell Co (but not the corporation) Corporation (a subsidiary of Lacroze Enterprises) got permission to mine selectively in the Galapagos, “accidentally” putting in major quantities of explosives to blow up the islands and get the richer minerals underneath. Kyle has been fighting this unsuccessfully, and vows revenge against this corporation and all corporations out to destroy the precious wildlife. He becomes an eco-warrior, taking the name of his favorite species that he studied there : the Blue Flamingo, a rare breed of flamingos who eats blue fish. He fashions his cape after the color of this animal’s feathers, and uses his ingenuity and cunning to become a non-violent eco-terrorist, building his tools around the tactics of adaptation of the island’s animals.

Stealing Fever Baby[]

Kyle later breaks at night into the Lacroze Research Institute for Communicable Diseases, a tall ten-story building, brightly lit inside, with chain-link fences outside ndbarbed wire. Blue Flamingo hops the fence, dodges the spotlights, weaving between the guards, sneaking up to the building, shoots his grappling hook, enters the most guarded top-secret ward, specifically for terminal cases of the most dangerous communicable diseases being researched. He walks through the long room full of beds, but it’s empty ; he hears cheering coming from down the hall, and sees a bunch of scientists and doctors clinking glasses with patients in their hospital gowns. He continues towards his destination, sneaking through double doors ; and the Blue Flamingo swings out over the fence holding a screaming Fever Baby.

Trees and Funghi[]

In a nature reserve forest in the woods of New England, arborists are examining tests results, puzzled by the disappearance of the Dutch elm disease and of all the infectious mushrooms that were ravaging the trees in the whole park just two weeks earlier. At the same time, two CEOs of big forestry corporations, Chop & Burn and Timber, Inc., are found dead in their offices, after someone broke into their offices through the window, leaving only blue flamingo feathers behind him. The first one's skin has been peeled away from his body, and underneath weird little rivulets appear to have been carved into his muscle and the fat of his skin. The other is covered in horrible hard polypores. According to the coroner, it looks like dutch elm disease, which is not supposed to be infectious to humans. The night these bodies were found, the cleaning ladies said that they heard from behind the office the crying of a baby, but that when they went in nothing happened.