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CJ is a villain known as the Backup General-Later. His powers allow him to produce small sparks of static electricity, making it difficult and get close to people. He also has a fairly sharp tactical mind.



CJ was a brigadier general in the air force. He wanted to be promoted to general, but the position was held by Larry "Lightning Bolt" Toss, who didn’t intend to leave. CJ then decided to poison the general, but when he tried to toss chemicals into a cup in the general’s office, it bounced off and blew up in his face, giving him a lightning bolt scar on his cheek, as well as static electricity-based powers. Because of this, he decided to become a supervillain known as the Backup General-Later.

Creation of the popcorn kernels

Having been dishonorably discharged from the military for zapping people too much (as well as igniting piles of munitions), and feeling listless, CJ is on his way out of the science division military base where he worked when he steals a bottle of mysterious powder labelled “LIFE POWDER?”. He sticks it up in his kitchen with his spices, and decides to watch his two favorite movies (Rocky and It’s A Wonderful Life) to relax for the night. He makes a batch of popcorn on the stove, shaking the kernels as they start to pop ; and he reaches up for nutritional yeast, but distracted by his favorite A Wonderful Life scene, he grabs the Life Powder and sprinkles it all over his popcorn. He goes to sit down, and his pieces of popcorn start jumping up and crawling all over him. He realizes that he has power over these pieces of popcorn, as a General outranks a Kernel ; and he now has an entire army of popcorn kernels, and starts crafting little uniforms for every single piece of popcorn.

Encounter with Captain Planarian

When CJ is trying to rob a tanning salon and steal the tanning beds (to work on his base tan, and use as breeding grounds for his popcorn kernels), Captain Planarian tries to stop him. CJ pulls out an electric whip and whips one of Captain Planarian’s fingers clean off, but Captain Planarian ends up subduing him and putting him in cuffs.

Project Popovich

The Neigh Sayer comes to CJ for help to fight Colt McClure, and he creates for him a spur for cowboy boots (called Project Popovich) which cuts into the eel of people who wear it and infects them with a nanovirus. That virus will morph their body and will to become a horse-human hybrid with stretched out limbs, an elongated back, a bushy tail, and long nose. The Neigh Sayer then scopes out Colt McClure’s hidden base and has the Back-Up General-Later’s pop-corn kernels sneak in and replace all the spurs on all the cowboy boots while her henchmen are sleeping.

Eating Kernel Radenbacher and his friends

One night, CJ falls asleep watching Alita: Battle Angel with his popcorn kernels. One of them, Kernel Radenbacher, recognizing that CJ is asleep and very drunk, decides to go out into the world and explore. When he comes back from his adventure, CJ wakes up and eats them all.

Betrayal by the Channing Tatum kernels

CJ is later attacked by the Reflector, who having realized his powers can do more than he originally thought, thinks he might be able to make more converts than just emotionally amplifying people, and decides his first target is going to be the Back-Up General-Later. He sneaks into his compound, where CJ is asleep in the couch, in front of the TV playing. The popcorn kernels are in a bowl next to him, and the Reflector uses his powers on them, causing an explosion. All of a sudden, whereas before there were about sixty tiny popcorn kernels in army uniforms, there are now sixty full-grown Channing Tatums in uniform, standing bewildered in the Back-Up General-Later’s living room. He wakes up, and the kernels salute him, before looking at each other and realizing that they don’t have to salute this guy anymore, as he always treated them terribly. A line of sixty Channing Tatums marches out the door, the Reflector hidden among them, stealing CJ's power of popcorn kernels.